Hello, welcome to Film Abstract.

Despite the title, what I’m really doing here isn’t ‘abstracting’, but really, filtering.

I actually very much dislike film reviews that spend 90% of a review focused on rehashing plot points and summary. I mean, if you read that, what’s the point of seeing the film for yourself?

The reviews I enjoy reading generally skip plot summary beyond a single sentence ‘nutshell’. The rest of the pedestrian details should be up to the film viewer to see for themselves.

That said, I’m basically focused on filtering film through my experience and then sharing how it affected me.

I’m also NOT a critic. As a creative person myself, I know well how some folks seem to exist just to tear down someone else’s creative endeavors. That’s not my goal. Sure, some films are fodder created solely for the purpose of padding the coffers of the big studios. I could waste time running those down but I’d rather focus on the gems.

Anyway, enough explanation.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find something of value to you here.